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We take the privacy and security of your data seriously. 

DOD certified wiping offers the most secure method of removing sensitive and confidential information possible. It meets requirements set by the Department of Defense to help you feel confident about the safety of all information that has been stored on devices which are no longer usable.


At your request we will perform a DOD wipe on your hard drive to ensure your data is safe. We charge $5.00 per drive for this service to cover the cost of the equipment needed to perform this task.  If your drive is determined to be reusable we will erase your drives at no cost to you.  Otherwise your drives will be sent to one of our R2 certified partners to be destroyed.

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

**Recommended for the most sensitive data. Hospitals, Law Offices, Doctors, accountants, etc.

The best way to protect you data is to make sure it never leaves your office intact.  Physical destruction of your media is the most secure method you can choose to ensure end-of-life data breach prevention and data disposal compliance. We recommend Iron Mountain for onsite hard drive shredding. We will assist you with the removal of your hard drives prior to their arrival at no cost to you when using CTRS for you recycling needs.


Self-Service Wiping

In some situations, it may be possible and even preferable for you to wipe your own data from a hard drive. In these instances, we can provide the necessary software and support to ensure your confidential information is completely erased.


The Importance of Professional Data Wiping

When you erase files and folders on your hard drive, you no longer have access to this information. All references to the data is also removed, leading you to believe the information no longer exists. The data file is still in existence until it is written over by another file. Clearing the drive or reformatting it isn’t enough to remove all evidence of the former files and folders. An expert in data recovery could easily access this sensitive and confidential information. Data wiping by a professional electronics recycling company ensures the data is completely removed and inaccessible even by the best experts.

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